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Live Animal Trapping

Humane Live Animal Traps

Safeguard's animal traps are used by professionals in the Pest Control industry as well as consumers to trap and relocate nuisance animals.  Constructed of heavy gauge wire and reinforced with welded steel rods, our animal traps are of exceptional strength and durability.

PestProducts.com is your on-line source for humane live traps of all sizes!

Our humane live traps come in a variety of sizes to suit your particular nuisance wildlife needs.  Click on link to order the trap you need.

Rodent Size -- 3x3x10 -- Mice, Chipmunks Mouse, Chipmunk live trap
50450 -- 5x5x18
Rats, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Rabbits
Live catch rat, chipmunk trap
51690 -- 30x11x12
Cats, Skunks, Groundhogs, Opossum
Humane Cat Trap
#52836 -- 36x11x12/ Double Door Raccoons, Cats, Armadillos Double Door raccoon/ cat trap
52843  48x15x22 Double Door
Fox, Bobcat, Small Dog, Medium Dog
live trap for bobcat, medium dog
52860  60x20x28  Double Door
Dogs, Coyotes
Due to dimensions and weight, this trap cannot be shipped by UPS; it must ship via truck line.  For S&H quote, please send your shipping address, trap needed and trap quantity to Query@PestProducts.com, with "Live Trap Quote" in the subject line.
Your S&H quote will be given to you.
Coyote, Dog live trap

Our 18" trap (#50450) is great for chipmunks, rats, squirrels.  The 30" trap(#51690) and 36" trap(#51700) are to catch raccoons, skunks, cats and groundhogs, and offer a rear door for baiting or releasing.  Our larger two traps the 42" (#52843) and the 48" (#52860) are for larger animals like fox, coyotes, and bobcats.

Live Animal Traps