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Choose from the following ant baits for eliminating fire ants, carpenter ants, white-footed-ants or other household ant pests.  Baits are available in different forms: granular (regular and small,) gel, bait stations and liquid.  While specialty baits are for particular ant species, other baits are used in general purpose ant control in and around homes, businesses.  If you are not sure which ant bait is the best for your pest control problem, identify which ant is your pest by starting with our Ant Index and determine whether or not your infestation can be managed with baits and which baits are best for the job.

When combining different ant baits, to give your targeted ant colony a variety of forms and flavored baits, the Ant Cafe and the AntPro Baiting System can be used.  Gourmet Baits that are in gel formulation and liquid formulations can be used in the Ant Cafe.  The Ant Cafe stations are also available in Gourmet Ant Bait Gel kits.
Other gel formulated ant baits (Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait, Maxforce Ant Killer Bait Gel) can be used in ant cafes.  Giving your targeted ants a variety of baits to choose from is a good idea for large jobs, but do not combine two different baits in a single ant cafe bait station.

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