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Insect Growth Regulators

Growth inhibitors or insect growth regulators (any of which is commonly known as an IGR) are products or materials that interrupt or inhibit the life cycle of a pest.  Many people loosely use the terms "birth control for roaches" or "birth control for fleas."  If an animal cannot reach adulthood, it is not capable of reproducing.  By inhibiting the maturity of an insect, we keep it from reaching the critical adult stage, thus stopping the life cycle and infestation.   In layman's terminology, an IGR is not an insecticide (in the bug killing definition) but is a man-made protein that only effects certain insects or groups of insects.
Flea eggs and flea larvae that are exposed to an IGR (Nylar, Precor, Methoprene) will never develop into the adult jumping, biting and (most important!) reproducing fleas.  As another example, roaches that are exposed to either Nylar or Hydroprene cannot shed their exoskeleton or develop a new exoskeleton.  This is an important part of the roach life cycle: if they cannot shed their outer shell or grow a new one, they cannot mature any further.
The following materials (active ingredients) are the most widely used insect growth inhibitors by pest professionals, pest control operators (PCO) and individuals doing their own pest control: Methoprene, Hydroprene, Nylar.


When used indoors, Methoprene (the active ingredient in Precor, Precor 2000, Extinguish Fire Ant Bait and others) will prevent the egg and larvae stages of fleas from developing, with a 3 to 7 month residual.  Use alone for prevention or tank mix with an approved insecticide for existing problems.  Precor also works on Cigarette Beetles.  Methoprene (or Precor) is not photos table and is for indoor use only, unless used in controlling mosquito larvae.
Methoprene Mosquito Control Granules have become an important tool in reducing mosquitoes in areas where there is standing water or other viable mosquito breeding grounds.  Available in liquid concentrate and aerosol formulations.

Flea Elimination   Cigarette Beetle Elimination 


The IGR Nylar is the active ingredient in Archer, Flea Fix, IG Regulator and NyGuard IGR Concentrate.  This material is photo stable (can be used outdoors and indoors) and inhibits the growth of fleas and roaches.  Nylar has a 3 to 6 month residual indoors and can last 30 days when used outdoors.  This IGR can be used alone (for roach and flea prevention) or tank mixed with an approved adulticide.  Available in liquid concentrate.

Roach Elimination   Flea Elimination


This IGR is the active ingredient used in Gentrol, Gentrol Point Source, Gentrol Aerosol.  Hydroprene is not photos table and is for indoor use, only.  Use this IGR when eliminating, controlling or preventing cockroaches (roaches) and many pantry pestsCigarette Beetles are not affected by Hydroprene; use Methoprene instead.  Can be tank mixed with adulticides (insecticides) or used alone.  Available in liquid concentrate, aerosol and in solid dispensers.

Roach Elimination   Pantry Pest Elimination   

Gentrol Nylar Precor

IGR for fleas

IGR for roaches

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