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Image Herbicide Concentrate

Image Kills Tough Weeds on Lawns

Active Ingredients: Ammonium salt of imazaquin.... 3.30%

Herbicides Index    Image Liquid Concentrate    Image 70 DG Concentrate

This product is a powerful, selective post emergent herbicide that controls tough weeds other herbicides leave behind.  Image is absorbed through the root systems of targeted weeds and inhibits the enzymes needed for photosynthesis.  Food production stops and weeds waste away in just a few short weeks.  Although this time frame (for killing weeds) is not as fast as most people desire, this herbicide can be used in many areas in which other weed killers cannot go.  Image is tolerant to most common warm-season turf grasses as well as many landscape ornamentals and ground covers.  Independent university trials confirm that Image herbicide provides superior control of purple Nutsedge (nut sedge) and dollarweed (dollar weed) as well as many other "uncontrollable" weeds.

Summer Weeds Controlled by Image Winter Weeds Controlled by Image
Where to Use How to Mix and Apply

Summer Weeds Controlled by Image

Field Sandspur Perennial Ryegrass (over-seeded) Globe Sedge
Green Kyllinga Rice Flatsedge Purple Nutsedge Yellow Nutsedge

Image will aid in the control of and reduce competition from:

Dollarweed Tall Fescue Violets
Crabgrass Annual Sedge Virginia Buttonweed

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Winter Weeds Controlled by Image

Applications should be timed to follow the first frost.  Image may be applied prior to or soon after emergence of the weeds listed below, with the exception of wild onion and wild garlic, which must be emerged at application time for control.

Black Medic Buttercup
Common Chickweed Mouseear Chickweed Cutleaf Evening Primrose
Carolina Geranium Dovetail Geranium Hairy Bittercress
Henbit Knawel Lawn Burweed
Parsley-piert Purple Deadnettle Red Sorrel
White Clover Wild Garlic Wild Onion

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Where to Use

  • Bermudagrass
  • Centipedegrass
  • St. Augustinegrass
  • Zoysiagrass

Do not use on Fescue!  Image can also be applied without harm around and over a wide variety of ornamentals.  Consult the product label for a complete list.

How to Mix and Apply

To kill broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, bahia, nutgrass, other listed weeds:
Mix 4 ounces per gallon of water to cover 1,000 square.  May also be applied over certain shrubs; check the label!
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Image Herbicide Weed Killer