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Fire Ant Biology and Extermination

How to Kill Fire Ants    Fire Ant Biology

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Fire ants are a nuisance and a painful pest. It is unlikely we will eradicate these pests any time soon, but we can remove the problem associated with them by good integrated pest management (IPM) practices. This involves reducing their populations to tolerable levels by using safe and effective methods of control. Fire Ant
In any ant extermination method, the goal is to exterminate as many workers as possible.  Without sufficient number of worker ants, an ant colony will crash.
The queen of any ant colony requires constant care, grooming and feeding from her workers.
Kill enough of these workers and the colony will die, queen and all.

This article will deal with three ant elimination methods: baiting, mound drenching and broadcasting of contact pesticides. In many cases, these methods can be used together in a year-round program for killing ants, fireants.  For explanation of different products used in controlling different ant species, go to pest control for ants.   This article will deal with three ant elimination methods: baiting, mound drenching and broadcasting of contact pesticides. In many cases, these methods can be used together in a year-round program for killing ants, fireants.  For explanation of different products used in controlling different ant species, go to pest control for ants.   Ant Pests 
The best program for eliminating ant pests and controlling them throughout the year:
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Permethrin Pro and Talstar (liquid and granular) give the best long term control when broadcasting large areas with a hose-end sprayer.  Permethrin Pro calls for 1 ounce of concentrate per 1,000 square feet. Talstar uses only 1/8 to 1/4 ounce per thousand.  If granular pesticides are preferred, use Talstar Granules or DeltaGard granules.  Although it is used at very low rates, Talstar has given us the longest control; many customers state that no ants re-enter a treated area for as long as three months!

Baiting Outdoors For Fire Ants
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The use of professional ant baits is a very thorough method of control, slowly killing the entire colony. Baits work best when used outdoors in the spring and early summer. When the weather gets hot and dry, baits are generally ineffective for fire ant control.  However, fire ant baiting has two drawbacks: cost and length of control time. For instance, baiting an entire area will kill the existing ant colonies but will not always control new ant colonies invading from nearby areas that were not baited properly. Also, most people with fire ant problems live on very large lots -- 2 acres or better. This involves a great deal of bait at a premium price. 

The most successful baiting practice for fire ant control on turf is to use granular baits such as Ascend or Maxforce Granular (or Extinguish Fire Ant Bait when baiting graze lands) in the early spring followed by soil drenches 4 to 6 weeks later if needed. Broadcast granular bait applications are most effective; however, it may take 4 to 6 weeks to give control. Early spring application is ideal because it controls recently developed queens before they leave on their nuptial flights and establish new colonies. Killing the queens is the only way to eliminate fire ant colonies. Follow-up granular bait applications usually are necessary in mid-summer and another one in the fall.

Apply baits when the ground is dry and when ground temperatures are between 70 and 90 F with no forecast of rain. Apply baits around the base of mounds and also broadcast the entire areas where ants are seen foraging.. Baits are picked up by foraging ants looking for food. The ants take the bait back to the ant colony; it passes through the food chain and is fed to the queen ants. Granular bait recommendations are listed below.

In summer and fall, apply bait in the afternoon when temperatures are cooler because baits may rapidly degrade on hot, sunny days. By the time ants pick up the bait, the heat may have broken down the active ingredient, losing its effectiveness.

Treating wood with Bora-Care will help kill carpenter ants but will not affect fireant colonies in walls of a home or carpenter bees drilling on exterior wood surfaces.

Indoor Baiting
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This is a multi-purpose list that is helpful for many people.  Those responsible for controlling pests can research biology and habits of different household pests.  Once armed with natural habits of an insect or animal, better decisions can be made on how to control or eliminate the problem.  Many people have an idea of what pest has invaded their home and merely need to confirm which pest species they have encountered.  Students are also welcome to browse the different pests and pest related topics for their research.  The pest index is a useful tool on its own and can also be used with the pest control supply index.  Not every pest problem needs a chemical solution but when the need is obvious, cross reference your identified target pest with a multitude of suggested products or devices to control the pest.

This pest index is a good starting point but our main pest index is updated on a more frequent basis.


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