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Over'N Out! Fire Ant KillerOver'n Out!

Fire Ant Killer Granules

Over'N Out Discontinued

Over 'n Out! ™ is a revolutionary new fire ant control.
Over 'n Out!™ requires only one application for the entire season.  This fireant granule is guaranteed for a full season by the manufacturer.  To take advantage of this guarantee, you must comply with the instructions and guidelines explained on the granule bag.  Keep all receipts and keep the bottom portion of each bag purchased.  Without these items your product will not be guaranteed.  The store where you purchase your Over'n Out granules is not responsible for this guarantee.  All problems or questions concerning this product have to be taken up with the manufacturer.  The vendors or stores have no control over this guarantee.

Fire ants pick up the active ingredient - undetected - on their bodies, carry it back to the mound, and distribute it to other colony members.

A broadcast treatment of Over 'n Out!™ will kill the queen, prevent relocation and reinfestation.

The active ingredient in Over 'n Out!™  (Fipronil) is used around the world to control insect pests and it's now available to you for killing fireants.  Another Fipronil granule product available is TopChoice.  This granular product costs more but is labeled for fire ants and other nuisance pests.  TopChoice is also labeled for controlling molecrickets, fleas and ticks.
Over'n Out! contains .0103% active ingredient but TopChoice Granules contains .0143 % Fipronil, a significant increase in Fipronil.



Over'n Out