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Snake Repellents, Fact and Fiction about lime, sulfur

Eliminating unwanted snakes from our homes, barns, schools and businesses is an important subject that has many "old wives tales" circulating throughout the world.  It is time to expose the myths and emphasis the important facts!

Myth  Number One:  Powdered sulfur (when used alone) is a snake repellent.  The fact: sulfur does not repel snakes!  In University tests, sulfur alone has never been shown to repel any species of snake.   In fact, when a snake crosses a barrier of sulfur, the material may actually work its way beneath the reptile's scales and cause irritation.  This irritated snake becomes more aggressive and dangerous to humans and pets.  Ill-tempered snakes such as Water Moccasins need no help putting themselves in a nastier mood!

Myth Number Two:  Lime should be used as a snake repellent.  The fact:  Lime has never been shown to repel snakes in tests.  Applying lime in an area to repel snakes may be hazardous to humans and pets.   If lime becomes damp or wet, it becomes very caustic to humans and domestic animals.  It may even cause blindness.  Lime will also cause severe skin burns to humans and other animals.

What does work against snakes?  Dr. T's Snake-A-Way is the only proven product available on the market that has been shown to effectively repel snakes.   This product is University tested, EPA Registered and proven by use to repel snakes.  Snake-A-Way is used world wide; it was even used  by our soldiers in the Dessert Storm War to repel the sand vipers and other snakes which they found were quite a problem  in Saudi Arabia.  This product is presently being utilized by all four branches of the military.  The repellent has been used for more than seven years by Parks, Schools, playgrounds, home owners and many institutions.
We have been shipping Snake-A-Way to all parts of the globe and our customers love it enough to re-order again and again.

Order Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent

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